Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hump Day Humor: PMS

13 Things PMS Stands For...

1. Pass My Shotgun
2. Psychotic Mood Shift
3. Perpetual Munching Spree
4. Puffy Mid-Section
5. People Make me Sick
6. Provide Me with Sweets
7. Pardon My Sobbing
8. Pimples May Surface
9. Pass My Sweatpants
10. Pissy Mood Syndrome
11. Plainly; Men Suck
12. Pack My Stuff
13. Potential Murder Suspect


Anonymous said...

My brother Mike has a wife(who we think is borderline psychotic) and 3 teenaged daughters.

We say that in Florida PMS stands for Poor Mike Siter.

Becky Mochaface said...

The timing on this post is hilarious. Last night it definitely stood for Provide Me with Sweets.

Cary said...

Oooh.. love it. Can I steal it for List Of The Day?

Becky Mochaface said...

Cary - Sure! Just link back to me. Thanks!

Cary said...

Absolutely, B.