Friday, April 25, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S4ep12

Welcome back Grey's Anatomy!

Loved the competition. Since they're all competitors it was very fun to see them trash talk each other and obsess over what procedures will get them the most points. Even Izzie who is generally the sweeter, kinder person of the group became hard core in order to win. She may not have thought she was hard core, but like George told her she definitely is. And naturally Meredith won. Tumor touchdown!

Loved the Chief's advice... "Scars are the sign of a competitor"

Definitely interesting to see Cristina struggle between the competition and her desire to win and her desire to impress Erica and become her mentee. Clearly, Cristina was thinking long-term when she decided to stay and observe the surgery. Of course, you know Erica was doing it to torment Cristina a bit, see how committed she is and so she'd learn that winning is not always everything. Still not sure she learned that lesson.

Meredith is finally (FINALLY!) getting help. I'm hoping that this helps me to like her a little more. And speaking of therapy, does anyone else think her therapist looks a bit like her step mother? I know they're not the same person but they look an awful lot a like. I wonder if they did that on purpose. To give Meredith a mother figure.

Not sure if the bear guy and his waitress wife were supposed to remind Meredith of her and Derek or of Derek and Rose. Because technically, Meredith could have been his rebound girl from Addison and Mark. But then Rose could be his rebound girl from Meredith. Clearly, Derek has a thing for rebound girls. He's determined to make them work. But my guess is that it's supposed to be Derek and Rose and make Meredith nervous that Rose isn't just a temporary thing and that she might have lost her McDreamy. Rumor has it (from Shonda herself so I guess it's not much of a rumor) that by the end of this season Meredith and Derek will be back together, for good. I'm not too thrilled about it but I'm hoping that Meredith grows and I can learn to like her.

Lexie is so desperate for friends, for family, that she is living in a dump and steals stuff from the hospital so George would feel at home and maybe start thinking of her the way he thinks of his other friends. She was adorable standing in that dump at the end pleading with George to give it a chance. This girl is clearly looking for some love.

And George realizing how much of a pain he is, grows up a little bit and becomes a little bit more of a man deserving of the honor of namesake for Bailey's kid. Awesome.

I much prefer Mark scruffy though he's still freaking hot. So cute, though not surprising, that he's getting impatient with Derek. He's ready for "our time" and doesn't understand why Derek continues to be in a relationship, one woman after the other. Though I think Derek is partially right in his analysis about Mark... more and more women are starting to see through his charm to his man-whore ways. But in truthiness, I think Mark just misses Derek and their friendship. He's admitted before that Derek is his family.

What did you think about tonight's episode?

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