Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Final Five

No, I don’t mean the final five Cylons. Though DBF has gotten me hooked on BSG, this has not become a sci-fi blog.

I mean the final five episodes of LOST. I don’t know about you but I’m so excited to get new episodes again. Thank goodness the strike ended when it did otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten anything new until 2009 most likely.

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly’s Doc Jensen has a great article with an excellent look at what we can expect from the final episodes of Season 4. I’ve included the highlights below but you can click here to read the full article. (CAUTION: The rest of this is a bit spoiler-y. Consider yourself warned.)

  • A dead body washes up on shore at Camp Jack – perhaps Regan? (or is it Reagan?)
  • “Raging gunfight that will decimate Camp Locke” – perhaps part of how Hurley ends up with Jack?
  • The reveal of how the Oceanic 6 gets off the Island and what happens to those that remain
  • The reveal of why Sayid is Ben’s hitman for hire
  • Who is in the bloody coffin -- Michael??
  • Episode 9 “The Shape of Things to Come” (what an ominous title!) will be a Ben-centric flash forward and will return to the Sayid and Nadia storyline
  • We’ll see a new side of Smokey, the black smoke monster
  • Claire gets a new, major storyline – Possibly something to do with why Kate is raising Aaron instead of Claire?
  • Episode 10 will be a Jack-centric flash forward where the movement from Strong Island Jack to Weak Future Jack will be revealed
  • New Dharma station The Orchid which is likely to reveal more about the Island’s time warp capabilities
  • The returns of Penelope, Richard Alpert and Matthew Abaddon
  • The finale is supposed to complicate the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle with a “spectacular kiss”
  • Also the finale is promised to be another game-changing twist, which is code-named “The Frozen Donkey Wheel” – Think I read somewhere that donkey wheel is another name for a water mill. Can’t remember where so I could just be pulling that out of my butt

There are also videos of Doc interviewing the makes-my-heart-flutter Josh Holloway, Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia.

Also, I read somewhere (can't remember where or there'd be a link) that there's going to be an "amazing death" at some point during the next five episodes.

LOST returns to ABC April 24 at 10/9 central <--- Wow, that sounds like an ABC promo. Just set your freakin TiVos so you don't miss it!

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