Thursday, March 20, 2008

LOST S4ep8

Major flashback episode. We haven't had an episode made up of this much flashback since, what?, Desmond?

Interesting thoughts on redemption Ben/Mr. Friendly/Others have... Michael is to redeem killing Ana-Lucia and Libby by killing the whole freighter crew. Murder is redemption for murder how? Because it serves Ben's purpose that's why. And Ben is the master manipulator. Even over airwaves he can get people to do what he wants them to. I guess that's why he's uber-creepy. The man has mad skills at getting what he wants.

Michael was wracked with guilt over shooting Ana-Lucia and Libby. Sure makes sense. It even makes sense that he would picture Libby (not Ana-Lucia because I guess they had trouble getting Michelle Rodriguez to come back) in random places. But was it a figment of his imagination or is it possible that it's Mr. Smoky? We know Mr. Smoky has appeared to Locke as Walt and to Eko as Yemi at the very least. Can the monster even project himself off the Island like that? Or is he inextricably connected to the Island?

They just killed the French chick. I know she had more of a Ukrainian accent but that's no reason to kill her. Man and she was fun when she was telling Ben where to stick it regarding Alex. Speaking of, I'm disappointed in Alex. She's an Other for god's sake, she knows the Island better than the Freighties and likes to dig holes in the ground to hide. Why didn't she just run? I realize she just lost her boyfriend and the mother she just found out she had but still. Save yourself girl!

According to the promo, Aaron is indeed one of the Oceanic 6. I guess we have to believe it though Team Darlton have been kind of sketch on that. No more new episodes until April 24. Sigh.

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