Thursday, March 13, 2008

LOST S4ep7

Of course the guy on the freighter is Michael. They weren't too subtle about that in the previews from last week. What I'm dying to know is how Ben convinced Michael to leave Walt and come back to the island and work for him. What does Ben have on Michael or what has he offered him that would get Michael to agree to such a deal?

Sun is my least favorite character on the island so a Sun/Jin-centric episode is going to be hard for me to enjoy. What's interesting about the two of them is that my opinion of Jin and Sun switched half way through the first season. And I knew, I KNEW!, that Sun was flash forward and Jin was flash back because that phone Jin dropped in the street was too old, big and chunky to be from 2004. And f**k! I love Jin!! He's such an awesome character. I hope he goes down guns blazing because that would be awesome.

Go Juliet! Man that girl has some balls. She knows unequivocally that the best thing for Sun is to remain on the beach so she can get off the island and hopefully survive her pregnancy and carry the baby to term. So she will stop at nothing to keep her there. And when reasoning doesn't work, she tries telling Jin about Sun's high chances for death. He either didn't understand her fully or trusted Sun too much to stop. So she resorted to telling Jin about the affair Sun had. And he definitely understood that. I was waiting for Jin to slap Sun after she slapped Juliet. Too bad that didn't happen. But this is why I love Juliet. She deeply cares about people and will do whatever it takes to help them.

What the hell was going on with Regan? Why did she jump off the freighter with the chains in an apparent suicide. Extreme case of cabin fever? Nah, it has to be more than that. She was clearly upset when Lapidus pointed out her book was upside down. I don't think we know enough about the freighter people yet and their motives to be able to speculate, but I'm sure some of you have some ideas, that I'd love to hear.


Regan said...

First, let me say I was shocked to read your comment about Regan. Somehow, I must have missed that that was her name! I suspect it was Reagan? Pronounced like our former President? Dang! Anyway, I also noticed the cell phone when he dropped it in the street! I was thinking that the Japanese have the newest of everything technological, and phones were not that big HERE in 2004/2005. As for how he goes out, I wonder if he's actually even dead. Since the party line for the Oceanic Six is that only a few survived the crash, maybe they SAID he died. Maybe he really stayed back on the island because he's afraid of the man he is off of the island. Just a thought...

Becky Mochaface said...

A couple things I've learned since my post....

- Reagan (or Regan) was reading "The Survivors of Chancellor" by Jules Verne. It's a book about a shipwrecked crew told from the perspective of one of the passenger's diary. The crew itself goes crazy in the end by committing suicide on a raft and resorting to cannibalism. Possibly a clue into what exactly is going on on that freighter.

- The date on Jin's tombston was September 22, 2004 - the day of the crash. So this leads to a couple possibilities: 1. he's still on the island because he had to stay for Sun to get off and he had pledged to do whatever it takes to get her home and for whatever reason she has to pretend he's dead. Or, 2. he's actually dead. I'm not sure which one to believe yet.

- Another clue that Jin was having a flashback rather than a flash forward was the dragon the toy shop owner tried to get him to buy because it's the Year of the Dragon. The last one was 2000 with the next one not until 2012.

- The producers had decided to do a 8/5 split of the episodes rather than 7/6 which was initially decided after the strike ended.