Friday, March 7, 2008

LOST S4ep6

Widmore was the one who sent the freighter and most likely the reason they were supposed to ignore calls from Penny. He didn't want his daughter getting together again with Desmond, who he sees as a complete loser and waste of time and energy. Wonder how he found out about the island. Is it due to Desmond? Or, Penny looking for Desmond?

And next week looks like we'll see who on the freighter is on Ben's side. Promos make it look like it could be Michael. That was a theory I wasn't ready to subscribe to before last night though I might have to next week.

Interesting how Charlotte and Daniel see Ben as this monster but if Ben is correct in Widmore wanting the island to exploit for his financial benefit, why would he be so concerned about Ben? So in that case what have the freighter people been told to make them so focused on Ben and taking away his weapons?

Goodwin was married. That was a bit of a surprise. His wife seems to be a real bitch too. No wonder he took up with Juliet. Too bad for him Ben knew.

Ben has a thing for Juliet. Well that's no surprise. What is is that it's not just a crush, he's almost obsessed with her believing that she is his possession. He has a little psychosis. Which I guess should be surprising but it was never clearer than when he told Juliet, "You're mine!" Interesting offhand comment from Harper about how Juliet looks just like her. Who? I'm thinking Annie, the girl that gave Ben the dolls as a birthday present. Makes it a little clearer as to why Ben is so attached to the doll.

Goodwin hasn't been dead that long. Two months at the very longest. How does she fall in love with Jack so quickly. Interesting how just days after Jack confesses his love for Kate he's kissing Juliet. He doesn't say he loves her which is important to note but he kisses her.

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