Friday, February 29, 2008

LOST S4ep5

Sorry it's taken me so long to post guys. I had a really long day, so this is likely to be a short post.

Well, we got further confirmation that time moves differently and that the difference can affect people in weird ways making their consciousness flit between two different times. Part of me thinks that Desmond being able to go back and see Penny made her decide to start looking for him. Kinda makes sense since in 1996 she clearly didn't want to have anything to do with him and just a few years later she finds him in California and then continues to look for him.

I love that Penny and Desmond got to reconnect and admit that they still love each other after all that time. Even if it was over the phone. Brought a little tear to the eye.

So why was the freighter not allowed to answer calls from Penny? Orders from her dad? Hanso/Dharma? Someone else?

And how mind blowing was it that the Black Rock is connected in some way to the Hanso Foundation? While I was watching it I heard the auctioneer say that it belonged to Tovard Hanso and I shot up to rewind TiVo to make sure I heard it right. Holy crap! And then Penny's dad
buys the ledger and other stuff. Insane. Where are we going with this? Does anyone have any ideas?

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carymc said...

I'm befuddled on this one, B. I need to watch it a second time, when I always catch more. I do think that Penny's dad is behind a lot of what's going on, though... like the fake Oceanic jet in the ocean. I could be wrong though. Tough episode. A lot a lot a lot to take in.