Friday, February 15, 2008

Lost S4ep3

Sayid is such a badass and one incredibly awesome character! He may have sided with Jack in the Jack/Locke stand-off but he's not trusting the freighter people, and probably for good reason.

With him finding Ben's passports and money and the statement he made about the day he trusts Ben is the day he sells his soul to the devil, I thought it was obvious in his flash forward that he was working with Ben. Or, whom I'm assuming is Ben.

But the question is who are these people he is hunting? For now, I'm guessing that they're related in some way to the freighter. Or, they could have something to do with the Island (maybe Dharma/Hanso Foundation?) since Ben mentioned that he's protecting his friends by taking care of "the list". (Again with lists, what is it with this guy and lists?)

Clearly, whatever it is, Sayid feels so strongly about it that he's not looking for or with Nadia. I wonder if he started working with Ben immediately after leaving the Island or if he had some time on the outside and needed some convincing from Ben before joining the hunt.

On to other characters, loved how Jack asked Juliet to go to the beach for Desmond and the look on Kate's face. Just awesome. I also really loved how Sawyer finally admitted to wanting to stay on the Island because there's nothing for him (or Kate) but trouble back in the real world. Too bad Kate doesn't realize that and stay with him (for I'm fairly certain Sawyer's not a member of the Oceanic 6) rather than leaving with Jack.

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