Friday, February 8, 2008

LOST S4ep2

So the freighter people are there for Ben. Why? And how does he have someone on the freighter? The fact that he does certainly explains why he knew they were bad news, and why he really didn't want them to come on the island.

I wonder if they're with Dharma or the Hanso Foundation. Could explain why they want Ben since he's one of the main people responsible for the Purge and more or less the leader of the hostiles. Especially since Charlotte found the Dharma collar at the site of the polar bear bones (was that The Hydra station?).

But then again, that could be too obvious of an answer for this show so I could still be way wrong.

What's interesting though is that Naomi at least suspected that there might be survivors from 815 despite Matthew Abbadon's insistence that they found the plane and that there couldn't possibly be any survivors.

Poor Juliet. Just when she starts to get the Losties to believe she's not a bad guy and that she also wants to get off the island, along comes a new group of people she has to convince. I wonder if she'll get off the island. But if she does, she's certainly not one of the Oceanic 6 since she wasn't on the plane.

And is it just me or was the "pilot" they were showing on the news so clearly a dummy?

I do like all the ties with - Sunda Trench and Christianne I. Wonder if there will be any more.


carymc said...

Becky - At first I thought they were Dharma, too, but now I'm not so sure. I agree with you that it would be pretty obvious, but then, they do seem to have skills/abilities that fit in with what Dharma studied (Miles' telepathy, etc). And Abbaddon sure does reek of Hanso Corp., doesn't he?

Becky Mochaface said...

I can so see Abbaddon as a Hanso Corp rep...he's just so creepy, how can he not be?