Friday, February 1, 2008

LOST S4ep1


Finally, after eight months (Has it really only been eight? It feels like longer.) we're getting new episodes of LOST. And I only have one word to describe last night's premiere...


The hope of the Losties as the believe they're going to finally be rescued, a hope that was so quickly dashed in the beginning when the pilot told them how far off course they were and realized that no one would know where to look for them, was again quickly tested as word spread that the boat people might be dangerous and not there to rescue them.

Based on the flash forward, we know at least 6 people (Oceanic 6) are getting off the island and that 3 of those 6 are Jack, Kate and Hurley. (I know a fourth thanks to some reading on my part but in an effort to keep things secret for those who like it that way, you'll have to highlight the following text to read who I have read is the fourth one: Sayid). So who are the other two? Claire since Desmond saw her getting on a helicopter (I don't think Aaron would count towards the 6) and Sun since she's pregnant? But would Sun leave Jin behind? You could argue that it's not Claire because she goes with Locke but so does Hurley and we know he does.

What's interesting about the flash forward (besides Charlie appearing to Hurley and Jack showing up to make sure "he doesn't tell"), is that it was Hurley centric. Sure Jack had a couple appearances. But it wasn't focused on Jack, for once. It feels like most of the time a season's opener and closer focus on Jack. So why Hurley? Why his story? Perhaps because he's the first one to feel the island's pull. We know Jack does later because of the finale last year. Maybe Charlie appeared to him too and that's the start of it. Though I wonder if he was feeling it a little bit at the time of last night's flash forward since he was clearly drinking in the morning.

And who was the guy that visited Hurley at the hospital? He wanted to know if they're still alive. Interesting. The Losties? The Others? Some other group of people we've yet to meet? What is it exactly that they did?!?!?!

Was that Jacob in the cabin sitting in the chair? The shadow kinda looked like Christian Shepherd. And who was it that popped up in the window in front of Hurley? Looked like someone else. I'm hearing a rumor that Jacob is whoever you want him to be. Which would be very interesting. What is Jacob's role on the island? Some sort of supreme or divine ruler/omniscient power? A ghost to scare little kids and bad Others?

Oh those genius LOST writers, there are so many more questions now.

I LOVED seeing Charlie again. Does that mean he'll still make guest appearances like Boone? Well maybe not exactly like Boone.

I loved the raw emotion of Hurley as he grieved for Charlie and when he told Claire I was almost crying. I loved how he told Jack, I'm not going to listen to you and followed Locke. Not sure why he would regret that later, but I'm sure we'll find out - at some point. I loved Sawyer's struggle as he decided to follow Locke rather than staying with Jack just for Kate. He clearly loves her but had do to what he felt would keep him alive. Which means he's still putting himself as a priority ahead of her and that will only keep the relationship interesting. I loved Bernard saying we can stay on the island if you want and Rose telling him she's not following Locke. I loved Danielle hitting Ben and reminding him that Alex is not in fact his daughter. I loved Ben asking permission from Jack to go with Locke. Just awesome and great comedic relief.


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