Friday, January 11, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S4ep11

I liked having Bailey as the narrator. I just hope that she could stay the narrator since Meredith bugs me. But I know that that's not going to happen.

What a great performance by Chandra. The raw emotion was heart breaking. Watching her struggle with the guilt for what happened to her baby while trying to reach out to her husband was so touching. She did such a beautiful job.

And while I know Bailey is not without fault for her part in the state of her marriage, I still have trouble with when her husband decides to leave her finally. I have a feeling we're in for more heart wrenching scenes with Bailey as she deals with the inevitable divorce.

WOOHOO!! Mer-Der have finally, officially, broken up! Thank you Shonda!! Now if only they'll stay that way because you never know with the two of them.

Interesting to see George's mom struggle with accepting the fact that her son has not been acting as she raised him to...cheating on Callie, getting divorced, failing the exam. She's clearly disappointed and like all mothers, not afraid of laying on the guilt trip.

What I found to be most fascinating this episode is the scene between Alex and the healer patient when she tells him she knows that he's a sweet, good boy but not a good man because of whatever happened to him. And the look on his face proves that she's correct and that he can be vulnerable, then he hides behind his doctor mask once again. I'm pretty sure that whatever it was it had to do with a drunk/druggie, abusive dad. But we've never been told specifically, which I find to be so interesting that we know so little about this character. Maybe this is a sign that we're going to learn more at some point.

Well, I'm afraid that this is all she wrote folks. This was the last new episode they had made before the writer's strike began. So fingers crossed that it ends soon so Shonda and Co. can get back to writing!

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