Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pushing Daisies S1ep9

Can't blame Chuck for being mad at Ned and then forgiving him. He hardly knew what he was doing.

It's amazing that Olive managed to not tell Ned where Chuck was. How do you continue lying to someone when he knows you're lying and has called you out on it? But she remained loyal to Chuck.

Emerson has a daughter. Glad to see we're learning more about his character. Wonder what happened there. Is she young, a teenage, a young adult? I'm going to guess that she's around 10 and the problem is more with the mother and Emerson than the daughter.

Sewer guy is creepy, but I suppose that's intentional.

What a bomb! Lily is really Chuck's mother. So were they posing as the sister's of her mother? Because the alternative is a disgusting thought. And why pretend to be her aunt rather than tell her the truth? Did she want to continue touring as a mermaid and thought it would be easier on Chuck if she thought her mother was dead? That's probably a pretty strong possibility.

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