Saturday, December 8, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4ep10

The end of Gizzie and possibly the end of Mer-Der? Oh happy day!! That is of course if Derek manages to tell Meredith about Rose. I am glad that she finally figured out that just because she's scared, doesn't mean she shouldn't try. It's about time!

So much blood. I realize that this is a hospital drama where blood is inevitable, but I could do without that much blood.

Is Meredith finally starting to open up and let Lexie in a little? I loved the looks between Cristina and Meredith as they were silently communicating.

Poor Bailey. She's had a rough rough day. Had to save the life of a white supremacist and deal with a husband who's feeling ignored and looked over by his career-loving wife. It's a struggle that I have difficulty understanding (not being a doctor). But I do know that it is a difficult position to be in, not just as the doctor spouse but for the spouse married to the doctor as well. It takes extreme patience and understanding for those relationships to work.

The look on Mark's face when Erica asks if they want to get a drink with her was hilarious. He can scarcely believe his ears. Of course, Erica can hardly believe she's asking them.

I loved the scene with Cristina and Lexie at the end. Cristina who can be such a bad ass showed that she can also be wise, empathetic and comforting.

Glad to see Alex get what was coming to him with the suspension for letting Ava/Rebecca in the gallery. Of course, I also really enjoyed that last scene between the two of them when he tells her off.

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