Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pushing Daisies S1ep8

Molly Shannon was excellent as the uber-competitive candy shop owner. Devious and underhanded, she played the character so well. I wonder if we'll see her again...especially considering how she killed the health inspector at the end.

How does Ned bake the pies with dead fruit? He'd have to touch it more than once in the process of cutting it up and putting it in the pie crust, wouldn't he?

I didn't realize that Chuck knew about Olive's crush on Ned. I knew that they had become friends but I didn't know that they had shared that information. Understandably, Olive's angry about Chuck and Ned officially becoming an item. But, the amount of passion that she showed in her reaction was surprising since Ned had never shown any romantic intention towards her.

You know, I would not be surprised if somewhere there were someone who thought a blow up doll was really his girlfriend.

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Lin said...

Funny that you should mention the blow up doll thing, have you seen previews for the latest Ryan Gosling movie? It's called Lars and the Real Girl and it's about exactly that, a socially awkward guy who starts to "date" a plastic doll that is very realistic looking. I was listening to a radio promotion talk about this topic (I think PBS or Discovery Channel had done a documentary on it) and I guess these dolls are super expensive, like almost 10 grand for one - I can't even imagine.