Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pushing Daisies S1ep7

What did happen to Chuck's mom?

The quirks on this show just don't stop. Death by scratch and sniff. Almost sounds like a dessert. Cuppies just sound weird though. Why can't it be mini-pies? Single pies?

The whole rolling pin under the apron, then the rolling pin actually being under the apron was quite funny. And interesting to see Ned and Olive slightly freak out over being in close proximity. I never realized how tall Ned is...or how short Olive is.

Ned having sex on a bear skin rug, then the bear waking up again, is just a funny image.

Why is Ned freaking out over Olive and Chuck becoming friends?

Emerson's and Ned's faces when they realized Napoleon was going to kill them were spot on. Then Chuck, Olive and Oscar come in and after Chuck greets Ned and Oscar greets Napoleon, Olive greets Emerson so he doesn't feel left out.

Oscar's obsessed with Chuck. Wonder if only has to do with the weird smell he got from her.

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