Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pushing Daisies S1ep6

This show is not afraid of controversial subjects...cloning and polgamy were tonight's. But per the usual Daisies' style, they were done in a light, humorous way.

The sexual tension between Chuck and Ned continues. Eventually, one of them will move on to someon else. Which one will it be? I'm going to guess Chuck, especially if she finds out about what happened to her dad and how it's connected to Ned.

Olive's part of the gang! Helping solve murders, becoming friends with Chuck. So glad she's not pining quite so much.

I wonder if Digby will make it through the season. I can see him and Ned accidentally touching at one point, causing Digby to be completely dead. Though since they lasted this long, maybe it's not that likely. But it does bring up an interesting point...Ned brought Digby back to life when he was 10. He's roughly 28 now so that's an additional 18 years on top of however old Digby was at the time of his death. Which is really really old for a dog. So does that mean Ned's gift not only restores life but provides immortality? Or, is it just a mistake on the part of the writers?

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