Thursday, November 15, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4ep8

McDreamy went out with Dr. McPerky. How funny.

This show is doing everything it can to gross me out. The guy that tried to cut off his own foot with a chain saw and tonight, a guy with a pencil stuck in his eye. Makes me gag and shudder.

With high schoolers running throughout the hospital it seems all the doctors reverted back to teenagers...

Cristina...the suck up
Callie...petty jealousy
McSteamy...the hot, arrogant jock of gossip
Bailey...the slightly geeky, very smart girl in love with the athletic star
Meredith and Lexie...sibling rivalry
Chief...the self-described principal
Erica...the snobby bitch

Of course, that's nothing new to these doctors.

Well they're back in the bar. No sign of Joe though.

Meredith was beginning to see a little sunshine and feel a little hope for her relationship with her dad and by extension Derek. Only to have it crushed by Lexie. But good for Lexie, standing up to Meredith like that.

Loved loved LOVED Bailey's speech at the end. She couldn't say it to his face - And how could she? He was the guy she was in love with likely for the majority of high school. How can you make a long speech to that guy? - so she gave her speech to Derek, thinking he was also an athletic star. Only Derek was transparent as well back then. Girls didn't notice him. He had to grow into his hair - oh, how that makes me laugh!

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