Thursday, November 8, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4ep7

George and Izzie have bad sex...foreshadowing for the relationship perhaps?

McSteamy has a crush on Hahn. How cute. He's found a female version of himself and he can't help but think he's attracted to her.

Derek and the Chief are dating. Makes sense. The Chief is lonely, has no idea how to take care of himself and will attach himself to anyone that is even partly willing. Derek likes to give of himself to people who will continually take without thinking about his needs. A perfect match.

Bailey does a better job as chief resident than Callie. Not at all surprising. Everyone knows she's the better choice. And it's about time that he finally realized that. So Callie's fired and Bailey's hired.

Best part was when Bailey told George that she's right so many times it'd make your head spin. Funny thing is...she's right, again!

Cristina's trying to figure out what to do about Hahn. She wants to be in cardio but Hahn is making it extremely difficult "putting her through the paces." So Bailey has Cristina trying other specialties so she'll fight harder for the cardio.

Sorry so short. It's late and I'm exhausted. Bleh.

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