Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pushing Daisies S1ep5

This show even gives the characters quirky pasts and secrets. But that is part of what gives it its charm. Olive was a horse jockey. Who would ever have imagined that?

The ghostly horseman was a nice touch for the Halloween episode. Very Sleepy Hollow-esque.

Doctors transplanted bones from a horse's legs to a man's. Again, quirky. Can doctors even do that with human bones? My first reaction is no, but with the advancements in science nowadays, who knows anymore.

Best line of the episode (that I just might have to use): "You wouldn't need all that bait if your belly were full of fish"

What dad gets remarried without even telling his son? A jackass. The aunts were right. Do we know what happened to his dad? He could still be living somewhere else with his other wife. In which case, does Ned not see him at all? Where did he go on holidays from the boarding school? Or, I guess he could be dead.

Chuck was able to see her aunts again at least. She misses them and though she couldn't really talk to them, at least she was able to see them.

Loved Chuck and Olive's simultaneous "Yay!" for the jockey not being dead (and their bonding over bourbon and chamomile tea). Maybe they'll become friends after all. Though if Olive is as competitive as she seems to be, she won't be satisfied with second place for the pie-maker.

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