Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pushing Daisies S1ep3

No song from Kristin this week. Too bad.

Why were they surprised that Louis was also stealing valuables from dead bodies? It's a logical connection and considering how angry the community was, also pretty obvious.

What amazes me about Chuck is how much she cares for her aunts. They're crotchety and really weird. She wanted to see them move on after her "death" and made a special pie of with natural antidepressants But I guess when that's all the family you have, you love them even more.

Why does Emerson not like Chuck? Is it that it's another person in on his business arrangement? Is it the unnatural factor that she should be dead? The principle of the thing? I'd be curious to see if that's something they explore.

In other shows, we know that couples with as much sexual tension as Ned and Chuck will eventually get together in the physical sense. What's interesting about this one, is that they can't logically do that without losing a cast member and I'm looking forward to watching as they explore ways to get around it, as I'm sure they will.

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