Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4ep4

McDreamy is now a verb! As in, "You got McDreamied in the elevator." I'm liking it.

Cristina is the new Nazi. But who's really surprised by that? She does take it to a new, more cruel level and gets yelled at by Derek, rightfully. Meek Lexie did stand up to her and refused to be called a number. Though Cristina was equally - or more - stubborn and still calls her '3'. I don't know why she has to be such a pompous ass about it. Bailey used their names, and she was the original Nazi.

Eating disorders are bad for you! See the proof tonight in the girl who didn't have strong bones because she's starving and way over-training. The sad thing is she felt she had to be that skinny to be attractive, and she probably still felt overweight. It is a problem we need to fix. But we must focus inward and start with ourselves first.

The world's oldest intern. Man he was hilarious trying to fit in with the hospital gossip, the 'seriously's, and the McSteamy/McDreamy. I thought I was going to fall off the couch from laughing when he managed to fit something like 4 or 5 seriouslys in one sentence.

Callie's just trying to do what she believes to be the right thing...staying in her marriage. She doesn't believe in divorce and thinks the way to fix the problem is to declare all forgiven and try to forget about it. Unfortunately, she doesn't realize - or refuses to - that forgiveness is not an overnight phenomenon. It takes time. Of course it doesn't help that Izzie makes a fool of her in front of the entire hospital staff, even if they don't know the details.

Ultimately, Meredith's a good person. She takes full responsibility for telling a woman she was dying when if fact she wasn't, when most people might try to pawn some of that blame off on someone else. But she's still flawed. She doesn't believe that she deserves or can be happy. So she freaks out over Lexie and McDreamy bonding and keeps Derek at arm's length. Though she continues to try, telling Derek that someday she may be ready to give him what he wants. For that to happen, the girl needs some serious help.

The Chief did the right thing. It was a tough situation, to be sure. He's agreeing to let his niece, who's almost like a daughter to him, to die slowly and painfully. But he knows that ultimately it's not his decision. One of the few times he's able to let go of the controls.

Izzie confides in Alex about what happened with George. And he gets pissed. I can hardly blame him. Denny was the love of her life. So much so that it shook her core and she laid on the bathroom floor grieving and refusing to get up and face life without him. Now just a few months later - their time, a year in ours - she's got a new love of her life? That's been my main problem with Gizzie. Not that their best friends turned lovers. But that she went from one core-shaking love of her life, to another in such a short time. I wonder if this is why most people have issues with the two of them. What about you? Do you like Gizzie? Why or why not?

This was a great episode. It was humorous, sad, heartbreaking and serious all in one hour. That's good television.

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Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on one of my three main reasons for being against the Gizzie storyline. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Izzie being too hot for George, or not thinking that best friends can fall in love with each other one day. It's because

(1) She was already madly in love with someone else just a few months ago, and not very many months. And it's one thing to move on from someone you love when you just break up, but Denny DIED. That's even harder to get over. It's just not long enough since Denny died for Izzie to be over it enough to be able to fall in love with someone else legitimately (i.e., not transferring her feelings or clinging).

(2) I hate the way Izzie treated Callie about the marriage. I believe Izzie was right that it was a mistake, but she had no right to treat Callie and George that way. And then George goes and sleeps with her--the woman who disrespected his relationship and treated his wife like crap. He cheats on his wife with the one woman who has been out to get her from day one. I can't get on board with that, with Izzie "winning" George for herself after the way she acted.


(3) Best friends can fall in love, but George and Izzie treated each other more like brother and sister, or, at times, surrogate mother and son. They viewed each other far too much in a familial way for it to be remotely plausible that they could look at each other in a romantic way. I suppose one could say that George could see Izzie that way, since there is actually a whole school of thought around the idea of falling for women who remind you of your mother. But there is nothing that explains a woman falling for a man who she sees as her surrogate child--nothing other than pathology or a paraphilia, that is.

Numbers 1 and 3 are why Gizzie is not believable. The second reason is why it's not likeable.