Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4ep3

So really old guy woke up. And he knew everything. Potentially disastrous. But luckily he didn't spill Izzie's secret. He was a guy that had accepted that he was at the end of his life. Too bad he never got his lobster.

Unlike the Chief and McSteamy who adamantly said "We're not old! We've still got it and to prove that not only are we phenomenal surgeons, we're men, we're going to attempt a surgery that has only been done 6 times ever!" Funny how egos get in the way and the price that has to be paid is not always worth it. It was great to see McDreamy tell them off for their adolescent mistake.

I loved seeing astute Cristina play the "I was left at the altar and I'm heartbroken" card to get surgeries. It was a pure Cristina move that only she (and maybe Alex) would have the gall to play. But the thought of talking through her pain - and crying - was enough to bring the truth out.

Alex is an ass. But we all knew that. It goes back to him sleeping with Olivia, George's skanky syph nurse, when he was dating Izzie. Alex is like the male Meredith. He's incredibly damaged and doesn't like to be the nice guy. So he'll do, or say, something that inevitably gets him labeled as an ass. This time, he outed George as a repeater intern. But he did get told off by Bailey for taking it easy on an intern (which was a great scene - Bailey was not going to let Norman's age deter her from putting him in his rightful place!)

Bailey and Callie have reached a peace. At least that part of her life will hopefully be a little easier considering how what she's known for so long has finally been confirmed by George - that he slept with Izzie. I, for one, can't wait to see the fallout from that particular truth next week.

Meredith and Lexie have also reached a peace of sorts. Lexie mistook Meredith's efforts to teach as mean and directed at her because she doesn't like her. After Bailey puts Meredith in her place, Meredith walks Lexie through what happened with her mom telling her that she had cared for her mom and almost revealing that she was like a surrogate mom for her. I think they understand each other just a little bit better this week. Though I wonder why Lexie hasn't asked to see that file before tonight's episode.

On the whole, I thought this episode was pretty good. They got back to the root of the characters and showed more of the flaws and scars that still exist and make these doctors fascinating to watch every week.

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