Thursday, October 4, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4ep2

Mama Burke told Meredith off for using Cristina's situation to tell McDreamy it's over (think wedding from Season 3 finale)! Finally, someone puts her in her selfish place. I get that Meredith is a damaged person. But she can be so selfish sometimes that it drives me crazy.

George is trying to do the honorable thing and end his marriage to Callie because he's in "love" with Izzie. You have to admire him for that even if you're not a fan of Gizzie. (And if you're not a fan, I don't think you have much to fear as I think there's a definite expiration date on that ship.) Callie, smart woman that she is, suspects what's going on though she has no hard evidence and refuses to hear what George has to say. Denial? Most definitely. She's so deeply in love, or maybe she's scared of being alone again, that she doesn't want to face the truth. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't get pregnant because that would only make this bad situation worse.

The Chief is still trying to get his wife back. Perhaps when she learned he was in fact not retiring she returned to her previous position that it's over, while he's doing everything he can differently to show her that he's committed to her. He delegates tasks and then, like a true control freak, gets upset when it's not done his way and refuses to accept help while he cleans up the situation - something I know oh so well :-)

Poor Callie. She's doing her best at being the boss but Miranda - who arguably deserves the job more than she and would be better at it - undermines her authority by disobeying orders. The Chief is pissed at her. And on top of that, the wheels on her marriage are falling off. No wonder she looks so terrible.

Cristina continues to struggle in grieving over her ruined relationship with Burke. Over course the surprise visit from Mama Burke does nothing to help. And though Cristina avoids her and gives away her wedding presents for favors and surgeries, they eventually do have their talk. And Mama is sympathetic and says all kinds of nice things. Though when she said "And with him by your side you could have been great" I wanted to punch her. What do you mean "could have been"? I can't be great now? I can only be great if I was with your son? Bull shit! Watch me! - At least that's what I would have said to her. And at one point, it looked like Cristina was thinking it too. Though for some reason she didn't verbalize it.

Meredith and Derek. Are they broken up? Are they together? It's the break up sex that goes on and on. We're all familiar. Frankly I don't care if they stay together or break up. Just pick one and stick with it!

Miranda was awesome - as usual. I loved how she played the "I saved your life so you owe it to me to work in the clinic with the stupid interns" card with Meredith. And how invested she still is in our new resident's careers, how much she still cares about them that even though she's trying to keep out of it telling herself it's no longer her business, she still can't help but yell at Alex for his stupid decision about confronting the dad for exposing his baby to crystal meth.

Lexie. Oh Lexie. She just cannot understand how Meredith doesn't want to know her. You can hardly blame her though. She grew up in a very different environment and only wants to get to know her big sister. I can understand why Meredith wants to keep her distance. Lexie represents everything she could, should, have had but didn't.

Another good - but not great - episode. What did you think?

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