Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Game 1 - Sox v. Rockies - TONIGHT!

In honor of Game 1 of the 2007 World Series: Boston Red Sox v. Colorado Rockies, here's a poem courtesy of Boston Dirt Dogs and Dr. Seuss. (Thanks to Michele for passing it on!) Go Red Sox!!!! P.S. - I'm calling Sox in 7.

Rox on Fox
Sox on Fox
Rox vs. Sox on Fox
Sox vs. Rox on Fox

Sox vs. Rox in Coors Bandbox
Sox have Jocks
Rox have Jocks
Jocks in Field or Batter's Box
Jocks with Money Box of Stocks
Papi strong as Wild Ox

Fox ex-Jocks sit in Press Box
Listen to Tim McCarver's Vox!
The insanity he Talks and Squawks
Joe Buck oughtta clean his Clocks

Rox beat Sox
Sox beat Rox

No one claims the games are Locks
And on some wood a Nation Knocks
But if the Rox Outfox the Sox
Or Gagne Walks or Beckett Balks
It surely would cause Mocks and Shocks
Requiring Whiskey on the Rocks

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