Thursday, September 27, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4ep1

Welcome back everyone! Summer is over and fall TV is here!

So much fun to see the interns, now residents, have their own interns.

Cristina's getting a bit of her old self back. She can't remember the names of her interns and is disappointed in her patient, at first. But then she exposes her softer side in surgery refusing to let the guy abandon his family, the people he loves. I did not expect her and Alex to open up to each other, but it was a touching moment.

Izzie had a deer as a patient - which is on par with her compassionate and heartfelt way to practicing medicine. When the deer popped up, the look on the dad's face was priceless. You know he was thinking "Crap! There goes dinner!"

Smart Lexie...introduce yourself during an emergency situation while people are trying to save lives. She really has great timing. This character is going to be so interesting. She's kind of like Meredith but not nearly as damaged. She had what Meredith didn't growing up...a mother who wanted her and a father who was around.

I feel so bad for George. He has been through so much in his first year as an intern and now he has to repeat it. That's so embarrassing. But Lexie, Meredith's half-sister and new intern, was the one who cheered him up. Not Izzie, not Callie and not Meredith. Best line of the episode: "You....are kinda awesome" (George to Lexie).

I love Miranda! She's not afraid to let people know how she feels. And she refuses to get involved in other people's business. Her former interns are continuing to go to her for help and advice, and she's relishing not having to deal with their drama.

Poor McDreamy, he has no one to talk to. Addison's left for LA and Burke is who knows where. I'll be interested to see if he and McSteamy can repair their friendship. I hope they can. Because I'd love to see them together as a team. That scene where McSteamy tells him he moved to Seattle to get him back was hilarious!!! And only slightly homosexual. :-) But that's what made it so funny.

Overall, I thought this episode was good, not great, but I'm just glad to have new episodes to watch again.

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