Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lost S3ep20

So Ben wasn't born on the island but somewhere near Portland. Which is maybe connected to the episode titled "Not in Portland" - but Ben says he was to have authority or credibility with the rest?

So Ben's dad was Roger Workman, and Ben killed him. No wonder he was so adamant about Locke killing his dad - he thinks of it as a rite of passage. His dad was cruel to have Ben believe that he was responsible for his mom's death. Even then Ben had a thing for white rabbits. And what happened to Annie? Did she die in the purge?

Who was the guy he met in the jungle? It looked like Richard. But that's not really possible, is it? And that was Richard who Ben was talking to after the purge, but he doesn't look to be older than Ben. Is it some sort of weird island thing?

How interesting that when the Others are living in tents of a highly nomadic nature, Ben has actual drinking glasses. You wouldn't think those packed well.

Jacob, what?!?!?! What the hell was that? I'm speechless. Whatever it was, Ben was incredibly jealous that Jacob spoke to Locke. Whatever that position is, Ben clearly doesn't want to share it.

Please please please Lost gods, don't kill Locke. He's one of the best characters on that show and would leave a giant hole that couldn't possibly be filled by anyone else. Although I'm getting worried, because you could argue that his backstory is wrapped up and that makes him expendable. So let me reiterate:

Please please please please please don't kill Locke!!!!!!!!!

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