Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Lost S3ep19

So I predicted that the man in the brig was Locke's dad and not Ben. But I did not predict that he was the same man who Sawyer has been after his whole life. That was a very interesting twist and wonderful way to connect Sawyer and Locke as characters. It's a bit peculiar that after everything his dad did to him, Locke had to con Sawyer into killing him because Locke couldn't do it. What would Ben say if he ever found out? That would be a fun story line - wonder if they'll explore it. So, is there really a magic box? If Locke's dad is to be believed, the Others kidnapped him and brought him to the island. That's not much of a stretch considering everything we've seen the Others do. One thing we shouldn't believe from him: they're not in Purgatory! Nor are they in Hell! This has been confirmed. Plus, it would be such an easy answer, I'm glad it's not the right one. I would be disappointed.

Juliet and Jack have their own secret conspiracy. I think it probably has something to do with the raid the Others are planning. Whatever it is it has to be huge as he doesn't trust Kate enough to tell her. And no one trusts Jack. Although I wouldn't either.

How has Cindy become so quickly part of the Others, for lack of a better word, culture? It's only been something like 2 or 3 months. Yet she acts as if she's been part of the group for much longer. Does Locke recognize her as one of the flight attendants? And there really are other Others who like Juliet are tired of Ben's reign of terror. It's fascinating.

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