Thursday, May 17, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep24

What a touching moment between Richard and Adele. They've finally managed to find their way back to each other. But will they stay together now that Derek has refused the position as chief of surgery and Richard will be forced to stay? Or will he insist on retiring to be with Adele and give the job to Burke or Mark - as we know Addison will be in LA next season.

Also a touching moment between George and Izzie when she tells him she loves him while tying his tie. Brilliant strategy that was - it forced him to stay and listen. Smart girl. It was also touching to see Izzie in the church at the end. She clearly pines for George but is determined to do the right thing. But Callie knows.

Callie is chief resident. I really feel for Miranda. She had thought the position was a sure thing. She was confident in her ability to do the job and that she deserved it. She never dreamed that she had any competition. Of course, it didn't help matters that Richard was always telling her the job was hers.

Callie and George are going to have a baby?! Man, I hope not. That's the worse decision they could make - well at the very least they're making it for the wrong reasons. How callous of Callie to be flaunting her relationship with George and job success in front of Izzie. I understand the situation's complicated but act with a little more tact and grace for goodness sake.

Alex is a decent guy. But for some reason, whenever anyone tries to tell him he is, he refuses to accept it and does the exact opposite of what a decent guy would do. He cheated on Izzie with Olivia. He dropped Addison after one night of sex. And now Ava/Rebecca has asked if he reciprocates her feelings and he denies it. And when he finally gets the kick in the pants he deserves, it's too late. We know he cares about her deeply. Alex has connected with Ava/Rebecca more deeply than he has connected with any other woman on the show. So where does this behavior come from? Truth is - we have no idea. Alex is the one character we know the least about. I hope they explore his story more next season.

Are Derek and Meredith breaking up? Woohoo! I guess I shouldn't be celebrating yet as nothing official seemed to happen. But I can hope for the next three or four months can't I?

George failed his intern exam. He's still a doctor - he just won't be a surgeon. Unless he changes his mind. A year ago it didn't seem as though Izzie was ever going to come back, but she did.

No ending for Mark? I'm disappointed. But I'm looking forward to what they're going to do with him next year with Addison gone.

Burke ended it with Cristina. He's finally realized he didn't love her but the thought and possibility of her. And that's never enough. Cristina truly loved him. And she was willing to sacrifice her beliefs for him. But if they had gotten married, it wouldn't have been enough. It was nice to see the vulnerable side of Cristina for a change - standing in their apartment in her wedding dress noticing all the small things that were missing. Although I found her word choice interesting: "I'm free" Wonder what that means.

So we have another Dr. Grey at Seattle Grace. Oh the possibilities. (In case you don't remember...she's the girl Derek met at the bar the night before.) Well, the writers at Grey's Anatomy now have a contingency plan in case Ellen Pompeo ever wants to leave the show.


Well folks, it's been a great season. We have been through so much this year with our favorite characters. What are your thoughts on my commentary? Any new things you'd like to see? Anything you'd like to see done differently? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

I'd say see you in September, but I'm sure I'll be posting any news or rumors I hear in the meantime. But, just in case, have a good summer! I gotta figure out what I'm going to be doing on Thursday nights now.