Thursday, May 10, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep23

George is feeling the guilt - he can't even dance and celebrate with Callie over getting into Mercy West.

Sloane doesn't want to do his own dirty work - what a pompous ass. He's still hot.

Poor Meredith. First she almost dies, then her real mommy dies, then her fake mommy dies. It's been a rough year for the girl. Then her dad blames her for the fake mommy death in front of everyone. And even though he's clearly drunk and lashing out because of his grief, he is still doing irreprehensible damage to her, and she's letting him. And after they have made it so far. It's going to take them double the time to get back to where they were, if they're even able to.

"You'll get a high score...but not as high as mine" Even while comforting Meredith, Cristina is still competitive.

What is Meredith doing? First with the tequila shots last week, and now skipping the entire exam. What is she thinking? Although Richard is not her father - as she keeps reminding him - at least he had enough compassion and cares enough to let her take the exam still.

And now Callie knows. Just seeing George and Izzie interact after Miranda chewed him out about going to Mercy West was enough to confirm her worst suspicions. And Izzie's little rant only confirmed it. Callie looked pissed. If she thinks having a baby is going to solve her problem and keep George with her, she's very mistaken. A baby is not a solution.

Oh, it's funny and heartbreaking at the same time. Everyone around Addison is having babies but her. The gay bartender is having twins - not literally, but still. Though it doesn't look as though Adele will be any more and the birth mom for Joe might be in trouble as well.

Sloane is still clearly heartbroken over Addison. At the end in the bar, he doesn't know what to say to her, so he makes a crack about friends with benefits because as a man-whore, what else do you do?

I've heard the chick in the bar was offered a 15-episode contract for next season. Looks like trouble for Meredith and her McDreamy.

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