Thursday, May 3, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep22

Overall, I thought this two-hour episode dragged. I was a little disappointed to be honest. But more specifically, in LA...

So in "Private Practice" the elevator would play a big role as well. And not only that but it talks! Oh please ABC, pick up the show so at the very least I can see what else the elevator/Tilly will say and how it will impact the relationships and amount of elevator sex. The rest could completely suck, but I would watch faithfully every week because of that elevator. Best line ever: "Are you there elevator god? It's me, Addison." Frakkin hilarious - and reminiscint of that coming of age book Are you there God? It's me Margaret. Anyone else besides me read that book?

Addison was great in this episode: freaking out in the elevator, rambling about her rationalizations for being in LA, playing off the cute doctors at Oceanside, crying about being barren, yelling at the people fighting over a baby, thinking herself crazy because of a talking elevator, vowing not to "Mc" anything.

And Pete was hot - he had that confidence that McSteamy has and that's just hot. No wonder Addison went all weak at the knees. Who wouldn't in that situation?

"Private Practice" looks awesome, and I really hope they do pick it up.

Meanwhile, back in Seattle...

The Izzie/Callie tension continues. Izzie is quite humorous as she tries to distract her self with being Cristina's bridesmaid. "You want me to go over there with you - by myself?" Hilarious! I am becoming more a fan of George/Izzie. It is so well written and acted that I find myself being convinced.

I'm beginning to think more and more that Cristina and Burke aren't going to work out. At the very least they're having trouble finding their balance. At the start, Cristina was taking too much, and now the roles have switched and she's giving too much. I'm a big believer that every relationship is give and take. That a good one is built on compromise and meeting in the middle - that you have to do things you don't necessarily like doing because it's something your significant other enjoys. But if they don't find a balance, if Cristina doesn't start standing up for herself a little more, her relationship with Burke is doomed.

McSteamy is really trying. He genuinely cares for Addison and for the first time quite possibly, has had his heart broken. He has incredible self-control to not hit Alex. You know he was dying to. He lied to Addison so she wouldn't feel guilty about moving on and trying to find happiness. That scene with McDreamy when he's laughing because McSteamy is just so upset about having discovered her sleeping with someone else. Quite full circle and brilliant and makes me melt.

Poor Ava - that girl has had more surgeries in her one stay at the hospital than most people have in a lifetime. She'll get her life back by the end of the season.

McDreamy and Meredith are headed for trouble. He walked away after watching her slip back into her old behavior of covering her emotional problems with tequila. And he's questioning whether he has the strength to be a 24/7 knight in shining whatever because he's not sure she wants to swim.

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