Monday, May 7, 2007

18% of people who read this blog have above average intelligence

A couple weeks ago, Dr. Oz appeared on Oprah (Dr. Oz co-authored You: on a Diet). Every time he comes on the show, viewers (and sometimes Oprah) ask questions that you don't always hear vocalized regarding health, wellness and the body. This most recent show had a viewer questioning whether or not it's health to withhold gas because she has never passed gas in front of her husband the 20+ years they've been together. While giving his answer, Dr. Oz mentions that the average person dispenses about a pint of gas a day.

How did they measure that? Did a group of people walk around for a certain amount of time with some sort of measuring device attached to their rear ends to measure the output of gas? Can you imagine that awkwardness? I can see it, people with Erlenmeyer flasks attached to their bums. You couldn't sit down to watch TV or drive to work. Not only that but sex becomes uncomfortable and embarrassing. You'd have to be really strapped for cash to agree to participate in a study that has you walking around with something attached to your bum.

I think he made this number up. He sounds smarter and has more authority if he has a number to back up his answer. Plus, actual studies have shown that people will believe a statistic with a number attached to it, within reason. Certainly one pint of gas a days sounds reasonable. But if you disagree, show me the study on gas, and I'll change my mind.

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