Monday, May 14, 2007

10 things you didn't know about me

Or, maybe you do. I've been tagged to write ten random facts about me. This is surprisingly harder than I imagined.

1. I have a birthmark in the center of my upper back that is just slightly lighter than the rest of my skin, and it neither burns nor tans.

2. My morning routine is done in my underwear.

3. When we were little, I convinced my sister to sneak up to the attic in our garage with me. She subsequently fell through the attic floor onto the concrete in the garage and had to be taken to the emergency room.

4. I love thunderstorms.

5. I have a weakness for chocolate and peanut butter. I used to eat Oreo's by dipping them in the peanut butter jar. It drove my roommate nuts.

6. I go sock, shoe, sock, shoe rather than sock, sock, shoe, shoe like everyone else I've ever talked to.

7. I snuck out of the house one night to meet my ex-boyfriend for... well... you can figure it out.

8. I once danced to "YMCA" in front of hundreds of people.

9. In a skit in college, I had a "cake" baked on my head. Really it was just a hodge podge of ingredients.

10. After hearing a band play in college, I told a guy I thought was cute and barely knew that he had a nice face when I really meant to say he had a nice voice.

I think I've revealed enough tantalizing facts. Now it's your turn. Write a blog post of ten random facts about you. Be sure to leave a comment here with the link to your blog so we can find you.

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