Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lost S3ep18

To quote Joey Lawrence, Whoa!

Mikhail is alive, Jin is the father and Oceanic Flight 815 had been found with no survivors.

So Mikhail didn't die. I must admit I'm kinda excited about that as I really enjoyed the character and was disappointed in the limited amount of time he was on. But the question remains of how. Was it an act? They felt for a pulse and couldn't find one. Granted they're not doctors, but I'm pretty sure that Locke and Sayid know how to find a pulse and can find one readily. Was it a drug, herb or potion like from Romeo and Juliet? Curse those Lost writers who for every answer give us what seems like 10 more questions.

I was hoping that Jin wouldn't be the father because it would be further proof for my suspicions of Sun. But her halo was tarnished just a little more this episode. She succumbed to blackmail, threatened a woman and blackmailed her own father. Plus, she's the reason that her father "promotes" Jin to work for him. I wonder what his reaction would be if he found out about that. Word on the street, that being the street of the virtual kind, is that there'll be five more deaths before the end of this season, and it's promised to be a mix of Losties and Others. Maybe Sun will be one of them considering the precedent of pregnant women on the island? I'd be okay with that.

According to the new visitor, whose name is Naomi I believe, Oceanic Flight 815 has been found, and no one had survived the crash. So what does this mean for our Losties? Well, for one, no one is looking for them. They were put on a fake flight that was purposely going to the island? They've entered an alternate reality? Some sort of time continuum? The possibilities are endless, and I have no idea. What are your theories for this new piece of information? Leave a comment.

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