Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lost S3ep17

So Desmond was in a monastery. That's hot. And it explains the whole "brother" business. Okay, probably not but it's a fun idea. And he was engaged before Penny. Interesting. He clearly has commitment issues.

Sawyer is so cute hitting on Kate. Things have changed dramatically since their, um, coming together in the bear cage, and he's not quite sure if she's still in the same place as he is. It's not just sex to him. He clearly has feelings for her. It's evident by his face. And she uses him because Jack no longer looks at her the way he used to. It's Juliet who he looks at and who's become his confidant. She's so jealous that it drives her to Sawyer. But he's smart, during ping pong he puts it together that she only came to him because she saw Jack having dinner with Juliet. And when he called her on it, she denied, denied, denied. She's just going to end up hurting Sawyer.

And who was the chick at the end? It wasn't Penny. For a split second, I thought maybe it was Ruth, but I don't think it's her either. So who is it and why did she have a picture of Desmond and Penny?

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