Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lost S3ep16

Jack's lines "She's under my protection" and "I trust her, do you trust me?" reminds me of another situation with one of my other minor obsessions. And he trusts her because one moment her eyes looked as if she wanted to get off the island? Stupid, naive Jack. He forgets over and over again how manipulative Ben can be and how he uses every piece of leverage over someone to get what he wants.

Sawyer's face when he saw Jack and searching then finding Kate nearly brought tears to my eyes. And she clearly has some real feelings for him too because did you see her face? And then there's their hug! Makes me squeal like a little girl.

So Juliet and Goodwin knew each other in that special carnal way. Interesting, especially considering at the beginning of the season I had assumed the relationship was between Juliet and Ben with her iciness towards him, but I'm not sure what that information adds to the greater story line. Maybe we'll find out later or maybe it's just one of those minor details the writers like to add.

Excellent scenes between Juliet and Ben. Now we know why she was crying in the season premiere: Ben wasn't going to let her go home.

Juliet pulled a Ben the way she was able to manipulate Sayid and Sawyer using their pasts. I was impressed with how well she did that. And based on the look on her face as she walked away with that case, so was she.

I knew we couldn't trust Juliet's story of being left behind - although part of me wanted to. So the whole thing was staged, including Claire getting sick, but why? What's the implant? What's going to happen in a week? Gah! Answers but more questions

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