Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Lost S3ep15

So Kate has a connection to Sawyer - that is besides the sexual one - she knew Cassidy. I wonder what she would do if she found out that Sawyer was the guy who conned her, impregnanted her and broke her heart. And is the reason that Locke doesn't trust or particularly like Kate anymore really because she killed her stepfather? I feel like there's more there we haven't been told yet.

I find it hypocritical that Kate is more than willing to beat the crap out of Juliet because of some well-place, and well-deserved I might add, jabs about Jack, but when she dislocates Juliet's shoulder, all of a sudden she's sorry and she didn't mean to and she's getting all whiny. Give me a break. You can't one minute want to inflict that much pain and then when you're successful feel bad about it.

Clearly the monster isn't a tool of the Others and possibly it was there before they got there, whoever the Others are. So is the monster the island manifested? Is this what Locke means when he talks about being connected to the island or whatever? Is it something to do with Dharma? From previous experience with the monster and those that have come in contact with it, Juliet's either doomed to die like Eko or she'll become a prophet like Locke. Or maybe something else will happen to her.

Hurley teaching Sawyer how to be nice to everyone is the... Best. Storyline. Ever. And then the big reveal that the vote was never planned, and Sawyer is the new leader. It is hilarious to watch Sawyer deliver backwards compliments and look to Hurley for advice and guidance. Of course, all of it is a result of not having Kate around. If Kate was there, he'd still be sarcastic and name calling but Kate carries a lot of clout and since they're friends, that would count a lot in his favor - even though Kate is the first one to call him out when he deserves it, and she's been noticeably distant since their tryst in the cage. But it is certainly endearing to watch as he begins to realize the responsibility of being the leader and that in fact no man is an island.

The Others left Juliet behind. Or they supposedly did. What if it's part of their plan to learn some information about the Losties that they don't have? Although what that would be exactly I don't know as they have dossiers on everyone and Locke is apparently working with them in some capacity now. Plus the fact that Ethan lived among them for who knows how long. But maybe she was really left behind because of her scarlet letter. They don't seem to play nicely with those that don't follow the tribal rules. And we know Juliet didn't. Will she transition into the Losties or will they more or less hold her hostage - although hostage for what I can't imagine. You can bet that Jack will go to bat for her and that will mean a lot to most people - not to Sawyer, Sayid or Kate though, but just about everyone else.

It's too bad that Sawyer's reign as leader is over next week. It would be so interesting to watch as he struggles with the position trying to do the right thing and make the living situation bearable for everyone while figuring out what to do about Sun. Will we learn more answers next week when Sayid interrogates Juliet? I remain hopeful.

A fantastic episode, especially considering last week. But then, just about any episode is better than last week's.

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