Thursday, April 26, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep21

I love the penis fish story line. What a great source of funny one-liners: V.I.Penis, fish up my hoohoo, he doesn't have women parts, instant karma and of course just the thought of a fish swimming up a guy's penis is hilarious. And the adultress was confessing to two adultering doctors and was worried that they were judging her - it just doesn't get much better than that. Then there's the aha moment for George when Nancy tells him that the wife always knows. BTW - anyone recognize Nancy? She was Gail Leery, Dawson's philandering mom on Dawson's Creek.

George and Izzie continue to have great tension that makes for great TV. I have a confession to make. I'm warming up to the thought of them together. It seemed so far-fetched at first but now it's starting to make some sense.

I'd like to slap some sense into Derek but I can understand his reasons for being hesitant. Just as Meredith's worked through her demons, Derek realizes his and now he has to work through it on his own. It's not something she can help with.

Alex, Addison and Mark. Addison and Alex were on a crash course for each other. They're both highly sexually charged and the attraction was intense. I hope the return to Asshole Alex is brief, I was enjoying the growth. Mark was just a stand in for her. She hasn't cared about him in a long time, and I think it's awful the way she's treated him. Some of it may be deserved but not all of it. He genuinely cared for her and was trying to change. She hurt Mark and Alex hurt her. But this is what drives her to LA next week.

So next week is our first look at the possible Addison spin-off. I'm looking forward to it. The cast is promising, I hope the writing is up to par.

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