Thursday, April 19, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep20

This episode had everything - humor, tension, drama, conflict, that thing that pulls at your heart strings

Humor. The Chief trying to flirt in the elevator. Poor thing. It's been so long, and he's so lost that he has no idea what to do. Best line: Sloane "We'll make a great team". He may be sucking up to the Chief in the hopes that he'll become chief, but it's still hot. And the Chief was so cute practicing on Addison.

Tension. George and Izzie. She went to confession to ease her guilt over the George sex. He just feeling guilty and in denial over the whole thing. And in the meantime, there's so much sexual tension between them that it's reverberating. Next he's dressing her and encouraging her to take a peek at her daughter. Also, there's the tension between George and Callie. That's only headed for disaster.

Drama. Derek contemplating Meredith or the chief position. Miranda is right, when it comes down to it, you always should choose the people you love over a position or things. Also, the debut of Izzie's daughter. Her hesitation and heartbreak when her daughter didn't want to meet her was so touching. And when the adoptive mom said "our daughter" she didn't mean her and her husband's - it was mother to mother plea, she mean hers and Izzie's daughter.

Conflict. Christina and Marlowe passive aggressively fighting. And Christina's right, sometimes you have to think of other people's needs over your own. I only hope she remembers that lesson.

That thing that pulls at your heart strings. Miranda, how great was she? She may be a tough boss, but she genuinely cares about her interns. She wants to see them learn, do well and become the best surgeons they can. And when they need her, she's always there. That's why she's going to make an excellent chief. And that's why she is hands down the BEST character on this show.

Okay, so this episode didn't have everything. It was missing the sex. But considering that the repercussions from the last sex were still being dealt with in this episode, I think it's a safe omission.

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