Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lost S3ep14

Lame lame lame lame lame

How can I put it another way? Oh yeah, this episode was lame! The Paulo/Nicki backstory was trite at best. But really it seems unnecessary, that is unless the writers planted a few seeds that will grow into major plot lines or twists later. Inserting Paulo and Nicki into the major scenes/happenings of seasons one and two was weak and ineffective. There were a few interesting tidbit though:

  • The tying off of the Sun being kidnapped story. Watching Sawyer and Charlie feel the guilt and struggle with what they had done was great - well written and well acted. And Sun's reaction was beautiful.
  • So Paulo overheard the conversation between Ben and Juliet regarding plans to use Michael to kidnap Jack, Kate and Sawyer and for Jack to perform surgery. Did he do absolutely nothing with that information?
  • Being buried alive - and that's only interesting because I imagine it's not a pleasant experience and does this mean they're really dead this time? That is unless they pull a Buffy and dig their way out of their own grave.

This episode was lacking the pedigree that is Lost; it's inadequate and unsatisfactory. But next week's promises to be more exciting - Juliet and Kate get into a cat fight over Jack and it looks like they've escaped the Others' compound somehow. I'm not a Jater by any stretch, but I'm still lookingy forward to seeing this dynamic duo get into it.

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