Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lost S3ep13

How could I forget about the Man from Tallahasee? I wrote my post with all intentions to visit this question and just plain forgot it. So, who is the Man from Tallahasee? Locke's dad? The guy pushing Ben in the wheelchair, who also was the guy who recruited Juliet? My bet is that the Man from Tallahasee is Anthony.


What a fantastic episode! Lost is back baby!! I liked the dialogue between Locke and Ben. They have great chemistry on screen, no I don't mean that kind of chemistry. They work well together, and the result is fabulous scenes. While Jack doesn't really trust Ben, Locke understands that it's a game, and he plays the game as long as he can benefit from it. Then he demands answers. Locke is a man of faith. And he gets the island and what it is (although we still don't know) in a way that know one else does, except for maybe Rose and even then I think she only has a small idea. Locke because he is a man of faith is able to see a much bigger picture and can accept what may seem far-fetched to everyone else.

I had a feeling that Locke being in a wheelchair had something to do with his father. You gotta admit, being pushed out an eight-story window by your own father kinda sucks. It sucks in the first place that his dad convinced him to donate a kidney then left him. But then your father attempts to kill you, man does Locke's dad get the worst father ever award. It seems like the reason Locke was in the chair should have been bigger. But how do you get bigger than attempted murder by your dad? Maybe because the actual breaking of the back moment was such a small part and happened late in Act V. Maybe it'll just take some getting used to.

When Ben started talking about the magic box at the end, I began thinking that if they pulled Locke's dad out of the box I was going to be upset. But then when they actually showed his dad tied and gagged, I thought that it actually might kinda work. Locke is one of the few characters on the show who has kept his cool pretty much the whole time. His behaviors may seem strange, and his reasoning certainly is. But more often than not, his actions benefit the rest of the Losties. So to introduce his dad, the one person he desperately wants to trust but cannot, the one person who intimidates him, takes the show to a whole other level, and I'm excited to see what happens.

I'm glad to see Ben is back to his manipulative self. That you want to believe he's telling the truth, only to realize later that of course he was telling you what you wanted/needed to hear to do what he wanted you to do. What is his end game I wonder?

Finally! Finally, someone mentioned Danielle to Alex. Someone suggested that what she has believed all her life about her parentage is not true. Finally! I wondered all through the mini-season, why Kate didn't bring it up. Possibly because she was focused on staying alive, keeping Pickett from killing Sawyer and trying to escape, but still. I wish they had shown more of her questioning everything. More of that please!

how do they know these things?

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