Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lost S3ep12

Another frakkin unbelievable episode! Dare I say they're getting their groove back?!?!

What is up with Charlie acting like an ass? You know, just because you're going to die and Desmond's trying to save you, does not give you the right to act like a freakin jackie Charlie. And he does this all the time. And then because he refuses to tell Claire the truth, she overreacts, like usual and wants nothing to do with him. Luckily, this time it was resolved by the end of the episode and Claire and Charlie released the bird and held hands in the sunset, oh so romantic...

How does Mikhail know Locke? It's got to be more than whatever files the Others have on the Losties because he talked of a fleeting memory. Does Locke remember Mikhail? There weren't any signs that he does, or at least if there were signs they were very subtle. And Locke does what Locke does best which is act impulsively and expect everyone to go with it. But at least Locke doesn't apologize for who he is, he knows people will either accept him or not and he's okay with either outcome. It would be so annoying otherwise if he did and I probably wouldn't like the character nearly as much if he tried to get along with everyone.

I don't know if the big reveal this week counts as giving us answers. Anyone that applied half a thought figured out a long time ago that Claire and Jack are brother and sister - this was merely confirmation. Although we did learn tonight that the woman we all thought was Claire's mother was really her aunt as her mom was in a coma. How much time lapsed between the Goth Claire and Prego Claire? I'm thinking it was definitely more than a year. Probably more than two. And Claire looks so much better blond, I'm glad she didn't stay with the goth look as she was downright scary. But I'm curious to find out if Claire and Jack will figure it out - oh I hope they do because it would be so interesting and add a whole other level.

Why did Claire and Charlie not think to protect the letter from water? From what I could tell, it was just paper tied to the bird's leg. And it is going to get wet, that's pretty much a guarantee.

Sawyer was reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I've never read this book before but I wonder if there were any other references to the novel in this episode considering how much the Lost writers love their literature references. Any one read The Fountainhead that could tell us?

I'm glad it didn't take the rescue party too long to find the Others - it would have gotten tedious and overdone if they had tried to stretch it out. But Jack was hanging out and playing football freely with Tom it looks like - no guards, no guns, no cages. Has he been brainwashed? Or has he merely accepted his new role in the new society? I hope we find out soon.

Next week is a Locke-centric story - Woohoo!!!! We get an answer as to what put Locke in the wheelchair. And there's a confrontation between Locke and Ben - who mentions that he knows why Locke was paralyzed for four years. Now I'll reiterate this question from an episode from the mini-season where Juliet was reading Jack's file -- how do they get this information and did they have it before or after the plane crashed? And why is it so important to the Others to have all this information on the Losties? To show off, to get an advantage? And why is Locke so concerned with Ben - he's pretty much admitted that he wasn't part of the rescue team for Jack, so why is he there then? Gah! 7 days til we can find out!!

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Alex and Heather Lundy said...

I'll have you know my bride figured out the Jack and that snaggle tooth Claire connection a while ago...she's good that way =). And just for the record I call that next week they will tell us everything about my boy Locke but one crucial piece of info that will string us along. And like a battered wife, I will stay...because I know no better. That's harsh I know, but I'm drunk typing and I'll just regret it in the morning. We miss the Mochaface. Peace and I'm out!!!!!!