Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Lost S3ep11

No nicknames for a week is impossible for Sawyer. It's like expecting a dog not to bark. But it will definitely be interesting to see Sawyer struggle to stop himself. The ping pong game and corresponding wager was very reminiscint of the first season. It was playful and pitted Sawyer against the rest of the Losties. And Sawyer is a very sore loser, but this is not new information to us. It is so cute that he misses Kate and worries about her. But they definitely need some time apart after what happened to them on Alcatraz.

Sayid is a Renaissance man - he knows electronics, how to fight, how to interrogate, he's a master manipulator and now we find out he can cook. What can he not do? And was that cat at The Flame the same cat that the woman he tortured had? Part of me wants to say no, that it just strongly resembles him. But on his walk to the farmhouse at the beginning he was staring rather intently at the cat, so intently that again I question whether it was the same cat.

How big is this island? It holds a minimum of four Dharma stations, plus "the barracks", the Black Rock and the beach where the Losties live. It has to be huge if Rousseau never came across The Flame. This island grows with every episode. Well, at least we know the Others and Dharma are not one and the same. There was C-4 everywhere for the specific purpose of blowing up that station just the hostiles overcome it. And according to Mikhail, the Others were there way before Dharma, although we may want to take that at face value.

What were Mikhail and the dock lady (forgive me, I can't remember her name) saying to each other in Russian? The way I see it, it happened one of two ways. Scenario 1: they were discussing how to get out of the situation and Mikhail thought he'd try to save himself so he shot her. Scenario 2: she was ordering him to shoot her. Both of these are extremely likely. Anyone speak Russian?

Looks like next week, we're going to get confirmation that Claire is indeed Jack's half-sister. This episode was incredible, on the same level as Season 1. It was intense but had it's lighter moments. And while we may have a few more questions, at least one was answered with possible clues to answers for others. I'm very pleased with this direction.

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