Thursday, March 22, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep19

FOP - what's crazy is these wacky cases Seattle Grace gets are actual medical conditions. Some of them seem so out there that they can't be possible but they are. This week it was a woman who was literally as stiff as a board. Reminds me of the slumber party game Light as a Feather where a volunteer would lay down and the rest of the girls would circle around her and place two fingers under her and chant "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" over and over again and using only two fingers on each hand try to lift her in the air. Never worked though. Her daughter was a jerk though.

Callie's dad was hilarious and quite enlightening as to why Callie is so demanding of George. It'll be interesting to see what her mother's like.

In the beginning of this episode, I was relieve to see Izzie creeped out over the whole sex with George thing. Then when she was stripping the sheets off her bed, I got the impression that she actually wants him. That scene in the linen closet was awfully charged and not just with indignation and frustration but also with sexual tension. It was unmistakably there. I am still not adamantly against the Izzie/George relationship but if there's going to be that much tension and that much electricity I could handle it for a few more episodes. I loved how she knew he remembered without him actually saying anything. That's how you know you really know a person - when you have an understanding without any words being spoken.

Addison said McSteamy is that good - and you know she knows he is ;-)

I had an analogy going for the three face choices before Alex alluded to Ava being Addison. But then I started thinking about it. Miranda, Callie and Addison are mirror characters of Izzie, Christina and Meredith and not just because they're friends. Meredith and Addison (Ava) are both tough, neurotic and have been through a lot that has only made them stronger. Izzie and Miranda (Maggie) are both the maternal types that need a deeper purpose than the glory of surgery. Christina and Callie (Elizabeth) are angry and fired up. Now, they're not exact matches, or mirros, because that would be boring. But they do share certain distinct characteristics.

So Burke looks good in a suit but McSteamy is hotter and way more charming. Perhaps it will be McSteamy who gets to play interim chief? We know it's not going to be Addison as she's moving to LA. I'm thinking it might actually be Derek as they're doing a good job of carefully diverting the chief spotlight from him - but I don't have any hard evidence or theories. What do you think?

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