Thursday, March 15, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep18

Alex has moved into the intern house and while I think it's great because it makes Izzie uncomfortable, it's weird to see him there. I feel weird about it because compared to the rest of the characters, with maybe the exception of Callie, we know very little about Alex's background. Plus, it's weird because he started out being a giant jackie and now that he's growing out of that, it's a little disconcerting to see him actually be genuine. It was awesome though to see Izzie struggle with her former fling have no interest in her and at the same time, it was very self-absorbing in that way that only Izzie can be. She feels like she should be over Denny but she isn't yet and she's struggling to find a way to take those final steps towards being ready to date.

Callie's an heiress?!?!?! Did not see that one coming - although I did wonder how she could afford to live in such a nice hotel for so long.

I understand that Meredith had issues with her mom - but she's showing no signs of grief whatsoever. I wonder how much time was supposed to have lapsed between the last episode and tonight's. Obviously, tonight was not the very next day. Although I do like the dynamic between her and her father, and I really look forward to where that story line is going to go in the future. It is quite cute to see Meredith and her father end up with significant others who get them with very little explanation.

I love conversations that are made up with one word sentences - like the one tonight with Burke and Derek. I think they're hilarious and so indicative of the relationship between two character. If your characters can carry a conversation made up of single words, you know you have a good thing going and I enjoy the friendship between Burke and Derek because they respect each other while at the same time competiting and acting like little boys in a pissing contest.

I don't think Colin Marlowe is there to be the ringer for chief surgeon. I think he's there to expose the attendings and their weaknesses while Richard searches for the interim chief until Miranda's ready. So brilliantly backhanded I love it!

Please tell me the Izzie/George thing is not going to be long-term. That this was a one time thing. That Izzie needed to feel like she would be able to move forward and live her life instead of pining for Denny for the rest of it. That George had some silly juvenile fantasy to fulfill. That they were just drunk - although that's not an excuse but one thing that contributed to the end result. I don't particularly love Callie and George together, but I'm more behind that couple than Izzie/George. Their chemistry does not compute in that fashion and I really hope that they don't take it too much farther because I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it. Although based on the look on Izzie's face at the end, it looks as if she at least thinks it was a mistake. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Yay! They're backing off the Addison/Alex story. Mainly because Addison's getting her own show but no matter - it makes me excited that that story won't come to fruition. Speaking of Addison's show, the casting they're doing for it is amazing! Taye Diggs (Daybreak), Tim Daly (The Nine), Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy), Chris Lowell (Veronica Mars), Merrin Dungey (Alias) and Paul Adelstein (Prison Break) have all been cast AND it's going to take place in Los Angeles. The main surgery story lines will focus on Addison's field of neonatology, natch, and plastic surgery and psychiatry.

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