Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lost S3ep9

Okay so Jack's tattoo says 'he walks among us but he is not one of us' (or something like that) but it means something else. Well it could have multiple meanings. He's not Thai, considering he was in Thai when he got that tat. It could apply to the current situation. Or that he has something different, that thing that makes him a leader, a great man. There's a reason why there are fewer leaders, and by leaders I mean good leaders, in the world. We saw Cindy and the kids, but we don't know what they've been doing. "It's not that simple.' So explain it to us Cindy! They take the kids to give them a better life. Could you be any more vague? And they work on Alcatraz but live on the bigger island. So what is it that they 'work' on? I guess technically we got some answers, but they just left us with more questions. Gah! At this rate the last episode of this show will have to be six hours to tie off all the threads they've got going on.

Is Kate disgusted with herself for having sex with Sawyer? She calls him James which she never does. And every time she looks at Sawyer she has this complete look of disgust on her face. It's probably a combination of guilt over the sex (possibly regret?), guilt over leaving Jack, and being ordered around. Kate is a woman who does not like to take orders. From what I've been hearing, we should not count the love triangle closed yet. Although from the gentle touch of Jack as he nursed Juliet's mark, it looks as if he might forget about Kate just a little bit for the forseeable future.

You gotta love that little dig Tom took at Jack at the beginning when they were moving him into the cage. 'See this glass house you're living in? I'll get you some rocks.' What have the Survivors done that someone from the outside might translate them into an aggressive, possible evil/bad group of people? Killed Ethan. Killed Colleen. Locked up, beat up and tortured Ben. Killed the Other among the Tailies (I forget his name now). They crashed on their island! The audacity!

Clearly, Karl has grown up on the island. If he didn't, how in the world did he manage to not know about The Brady Bunch? I had a thought while watching this episode about Ben and Alex. She did not refer to him as her dad. She calls him Ben when talking with other people. Why could this be? I wonder if 'dad' or 'father' is similar to a sort of big brother/big sister role in a fraternity/sorority. It kinda makes sense. Only I'll need more evidence before I come to any sort of conclusion.

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