Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hump Day Humor: Lots of Link

First off, Happy Valentine's Day everyone. If you've got a sweetie, give em an extra hug today, I'm sure they deserve it somehow. If you don't, give yourself a hug because you deserve one too.
Now, moving on, I've got several links for you today. The first is a video from
Mad TV spoofing a John Madden endorsement. Quite funny. The second link is also a video, this time a look at the "truth in ad sales" or advertising for us non-Brits. Quite hilarious if you have any insight into the industry. For those that don't it's still pretty funny. This final link is not a video, but a game. I hope everyone heard about the Aqua Teen Hunger Force crisis in Boston. The LiteBrites were part of a guerilla campaign and some thought they were bombs and arrested the two guys that put them up around the city. Well, some clever person developed a game where you are supposed to click on the little guys before they disappear similar to the whack a mole games. More Than a Feeling by Boston plays in the background and each time the little guy pops up he says some Boston related phrase in a Boston accent like "clam chowdah", "pawwk the caw", "tom brady" or "bill buckner". Quite fun and addicting.

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