Friday, February 23, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep17

First, I apologize for the delay in the post. I was having trouble with MySpace last night and didn't have the patience to make it work.

So, it was a spirit quest! She had to come to grips with giving up and that her life is worth it because people do depend on her. Though she started out stubborn and refused to acknowledge what was happening, she eventually realized she wasn't alone and that all of her intimacy, daddy, commitment issues are silly and dumb. This sort of serenity is granted almost exclusively to people who have come, or are, extremely close to death or who have had the luck and blessing to live long lives. It is a serenity I work towards, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. I hope Meredith is able to maintain it now that she's alive again. I wonder if she'll remember what happened and what Denny said now. I would love for her to be able to tell Izzie. I picture it like the scene from Rent when Mimi wakes up after almost dying and says she saw Angel, and she looked good! Heehee. So, who is your person? Who are you a person for? It may only be one person, or it may be several, but those are the people who make the effort worth it.

How cute were Denny and Dylan when they were arguing? I loved the "Mr. I've Been Dead Longer" - hilarious scene that was brilliantly written. And Bonnie is Abby Morgan! I wasn't blogging last year so I probably haven't mentioned it but to those Dawson's Creek fans out there, it's her! And when she was initially on the show with the pole through her gut, it was a little disconcerting to see her be nice and sweet and understanding. This episode was more like it, with a little attitude.

Christina was fabulous. First with the best line in this episode, "Shut up and look at my crap!" then with the beastie voice telling Miranda and the Chief to try again. It was like she was possessed. Very scary. I would have done what she said. Then good you're awake and I'm engaged. I'm glad to see she was able to pull it together in the end and go see Meredith. I love to see that.

The deal Addison made with McSteamy is an interesting one. I've been hearing rumors that Shonda Rimes might be writing a two-hour episode for the end of the season which will set up a spin-off for Addison. I think it would be interesting and wonder if this deal is setting something up for such an episode. Addison has been wonderful in these last two episodes. Where some women might struggle with their ex-husband being more upset over the woman he left you for, she has moved on and understands what he's feeling and slaps the sense into him when he's falling apart. Wonderful character growth. Hey Shonda, I'd watch the Addison spin-off.

George is right, Izzie is ruining their relationship. Yes, there are times in a friendship when honesty is required or needed. And yes, there are times when you should shut up and just be there. But now you've told your honest opinion on George's marriage so shut up and be there.

Yesterday at lunch, someone floated the idea out of Meredith's mom dying. Now whether they got this idea from a spoiler source or they just saw it coming, I don't know. I wish I had figured it out before then, it makes perfect sense. One Grey for another. We knew Meredith wasn't really going to die for keeps, and yet last week she was effectively dead. Somehow, what McDreamy said to Ellis, even in her state of Alzheimer's, got through. And she immediately gave up her life so her daughter could go on. Not that I think it was that tough of a decision for her to make with the Alzheimer's and Meredith being her daughter and everything. I was a little teary when Ellis appeared in her after-life and told her she was anything but ordinary. Making that sacrifice is probably the single most selfless and loving thing Ellis has ever done for Meredith. I hope Meredith is able to grow and accept her dad now and begin to mend that relationship. One Grey for another, so beautiful.

Of this trilogy, my favorite would have to be the second episode. Although I loved Denny in this one.

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