Friday, February 2, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep14

1. First things first. George and Callie eloped! Whoa! Did not see that coming at all.

2. Izzie was so intense staring at the doors to the clinic at the beginning. She looked like if she could will it, patients would have started walking in at that moment.

3. 8 days after a proposal and no decision yet? Burke has got some incredible patience. And where did he get that ring? Holy crap! I didn't see any ring last week and it seemed more like an off the cuff thing rather than a planned proposal. But at the end they were so cute sticking to their individual guns and then celebrating the fact that they were getting married! I'm so glad that they had the moment of happiness after everything they went through with the initial surgery, tremor and second surgery. Well deserved and well written.

4. Addison has got one dirty mind. You just know what she was picturing all those scenes where she was staring at Alex. It was so plainly written on her face. But what gets me is the nerve of that woman to picture someone else while she has McSteamy in bed with her. He's more than enough, and she doesn't appreciate him. McSteamy, give me a call - I'll appreciate you.

5. Wow - Ellis' rant on being extraordinary. Talk about a downer. That would make the happiest people feel bad about themselves. But what Ellis realized later is that sometimes being ordinary is extraordinary because extraordinary people aren't always happy despite the wonderful things they can do but ordinary people know those joys which can seem out of reach. It was heartbreaking to see Meredith finally able to tell it like it is to her mother and stand up to her but Ellis was no longer lucid which made the confession worthless.

6. I LOVE Miranda! She has an incredible way of putting you in your place by emphasizing the situation in ways that no one else comes even close to. Sometimes it takes hard truths to get a message across and she has no interest in sugar-coating or babying anyone whatever their situation if there's something that needs to be told. She has that gift and knows, what Izzie has yet to learn, that changing one life is precious and worth all the money in the world.

7. So according to my sources, the big disaster for the next three weeks is a ferry fire. It was unclear whether it's terrorism, accidental or otherwise intentional. And it's said that this story line is supposed to be better than last year's live bomb in the guy's gut. So it should be interesting to say the least.

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