Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep11

Welcome back everyone. I know many of you feel deprived because it's been 6 weeks without a new Grey's episode. Well, us Lost fans say you should try 13 weeks without a new episode, in the middle of the season!!! Talk about your deprivation. Okay, I'm done with that rant...

1. Ah, so conveniently we forgot about the $8.7 million check, or at least I did. It was her final connection to Denny and I can understand her reluctance to let go of it, especially because she doesn't think she's worthy of the gift. I guess that is what's motivating her to do some good with the money. And it looks like she may have found her cause, although according to the preview for next week, Miranda might stand in her way, at least a little bit.

2. Two scenes of McDreamy watching Meredith sleep? I need an insulin shot. Did you notice the red, silky, sexy sheets? I got the impression that they were meant to add something to the scenes, and yet I got nothing out of it. I'm beginning to wonder if some of the chemistry is waning between the two of them.

3. I have never seen such enthusiastic pee dancing than Callie and George. Not to mention I've never seen anyone pee dance because of a certain amount of pee, usually they dance because they have to pee. It was quite fun to see them cut loose. And perhaps become friends again? Although that kiss looked a little more than friendly.

4. What happened this week that makes McSteamy hurt? I've got some band-aids and other medicine to help him feel better. In the preview for next week it looks like something to do with a baby. Did Addison have an abortion? Secretly take birth control so she wouldn't get pregnant and McSteamy found out? Was this when she left him and she used the baby things as an excuse? I must say, I'm quite interested to find out what could hurt him so deeply.

5. Burke seems to be enjoying his little game of Say Uncle with Christina. Although George is right, they have a weird relationship. I was so glad to hear Burke say that it wasn't over, just silent. And with those two, things never stay silent for very long.

6. I had mentioned in my post for episode 9 that I wasn't yet on the bandwagon of Alex/Addison. I've decided tonight that I'm absolutely staying off of it. I like Addison, and I love Alex. But not together. It's weird and creepy and these doctors need to get out of that freakin hospital and date some normal people! Perhaps that's why Miranda seems so sane compared to the rest sometimes because she's married to a non-doctor. I love that Alex has decided to stay on the gyne-squad (at least it seems so currently, I guess we'll have to wait to see if it lasts). They're on such different levels that it doesn't work for me. Their both screwed up sure. But Addison seems more level headed and definitely more mature than Alex. I hope it doesn't last long.

7. Best line of the episode: "Death is not the worst thing" So true and it reminds me of another of my favorite blog subjects: Harry Potter. In which Dumbledore says "To a well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure" There is a lesson here. I don't think I've learned the whole thing yet, but definitely a piece of it. And I hope you all have as well.

8. "Six Days" - that's the title of this episode. I don't get it. Has it supposedly only been six days since we last saw our favorite doctors? In six days (Grey's time) is something major supposed to happen that will completely change their world? I did hear that the SuperBowl episode this year is supposed to be even better than last year's. Exactly how you top a live grenade in someone's gut and blowing someone up within 15 feet of Meredith, I have absolutely no clue but I'm really looking forward to finding out (not to mention being days away from have Lost back on the air - Okay now I'm really done).

9. OT: A little news - okay rumor - for you :: I heard a little rumor this week that a main character may be departing the show soon. I have not heard who this might be - although we could all theorize - but will keep you updated on anything I hear.

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