Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Grey's Anatomy News

People is reporting that Katherine Heigl has dropped out of contract negotiations because she feels undervalued compared to Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington. Theories and rumors are going around she isn't getting as much money because of her being so vocal regarding Washington's homophobic slurs and behavior not too long ago. Such a shame as I'd hate to see the show lose Izzie. Not to mention, will it be able to survive the loss of Heigl and Kate Walsh?

Speaking of Walsh, the rumors that she might be getting her own spin-off seem to be relatively certain. According to my source, if the spin-off sinks, there's a clause in her contract that would allow her to come back to Seattle Grace. What a relief! I'd hate for that to be the end of Addison Montgomery.

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Rachel said...

Wall Street Journal wrote a little thing confirming this a few weeks ago:

I'm looking forward to it very much.